Woodland Wanderings – Page 27

The Queen Mother

Well… didn’t see that coming. Suddenly I feel like Eliza will struggle to leave this world.

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One Comment on “Woodland Wanderings – Page 27

  1. ELIZA MOM!! I now this is not the real her but dame I’m still going to take this as how her character be like. So that said how she look. One! Love she still have her hair and glass like she did in the photo. The crown is really cool(not your normal type)Beside that a nice outfit for her. Much more simple then Eliza’s but still high style….if that make any scents

    Beside her look. I do like how we learn how she die. My father is a landscaper so I can say . Yeah plant are no joke when you are working with them. Another detail I like is what Eliza does remember of her. Who ever did this really now how to make sure Eliza will not being leaveing this dream any time soon. Hell I think just her mother would have done it.

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