Woodland Wanderings – Page 26

Eliza hears a voice and is annoyed to see her father, King Serdste.

From One Dream to Another

Well, Eliza seems to have found herself into a similar role to what Beth did. Now how will this play out…

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One Comment on “Woodland Wanderings – Page 26

  1. Ok look like Beth got out of her dream and was find by …ok I dont think we ever got a name before. Just now Roya turn into her. That said as she fall a sleep we get to go to Eliza and oh boy do I love her dress!!🥰 Really the bottom of the dress with the vines and the gold bit on her shoulder and arm is just so cool looking and fit her theme so well.All s that background is a plant lover dream. I can all ready see why Beth will have to help her as that going to be a lot harder to break then Beth was from the look of it.

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