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The shop is where you can learn about the different types of Lore pages that are available for purchase and contact me in regards to what you would specifically like to see. In the future, other shop options such as merchandise can also be found here!

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Baby Bear Size

Normal Size pages are around 300 words or more and feature a single image depicting a moment with in the scene.
Price – $20

Mama Bear Size

Medium Size pages are around 450 words or more and feature two images depicting moments with in the scene.
Price – $36

Papa Bear Size

Large Size pages are around 750 words or more and feature three images depicting moments with in the scene.
Price – $60

Goldilocks Pricing

Custom options are available that can have fewer pictures but more text for those interested in progressing story over images.
Inquire with artist regarding pricing.

How to Commission:

Using the form below to contact me with the page(s) and option(s) you are interested in commissioning a progression for and what page size(s) you would like. If you have suggestions on options or how the story could progress, I accept all suggestions but I cannot guarantee I can accept them – it depends on how well said suggestions mesh with the story. You can request multiple pages at a single time but the number of commissions I can accept in a single batch will depend upon what is being inquired upon – standard commission limit is five slots with baby bear counting as one slot, mama as two slots and papa as three slots.
A reply email will be sent to further discuss details as soon as possible – I am available all days during the week save weekends.

Commission completion time is estimated at between two-to-three weeks – some work periods might be longer depending on the influx of commissions and extend the timeframe an additional week or so from time of commission.