Another Princess Story – A Letter of Concern

A Letter of Concern

Well, that would certainly be a surprise to return to.

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2 Comments on “Another Princess Story – A Letter of Concern

  1. Right here is where I fall n love with this line the first time and this new version made me feel all the same thing
    For the new stuff I like that we got a bit of info on what happen to Roya sister’s.I remember hearing such thing before hand but not if it was in page or info from here. We all so got a bit about Jack sister,Really do have to get a path with her at some point.

    After that we got the part I love. Roya with Baby! I really like story with the main characters are parents as I feel that add a lot of plot lines you normal cant get. Plus it help that it is a rare thing with the stuff I normal read.

  2. It was a surprise for Jack to return to.

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