Woodland Wanderings – Page 1

‘The Redhead and Noirette’

Well, seems like its smooth sailing for them thus far… wonder how long that’ll last…

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One Comment on “Woodland Wanderings – Page 1

  1. Oohohoh this is a great way to start the day. First thing first is let get the drawing out of the way. Love to see another map of your as it fun to see the detail you have on them. I like how you have a few branch’s are it as well to show it is in the woods it self. The other drawing are just super cute. It just fun to see them talking as they walk. Eliza all was look super cute when her buckteeth are fully out. The other one is nice to see Beth with out a sort of worry look on her face. I’m happy to see that they got a map. Though where did they keep that….boob window of holding maybe?😝

    Now for the writing. I think I spent a hour just going over it. Like Nemo said you did a great job Fang in giving the woods it self a personality. Best name was TraVania as even the Overlord realm talk about this place. That say some thing. Really set the mood of the place that Eliza and Beth will be in for some time. Next up we got Eliza and Beth them self winch was a bit weird seeing as we now them for so long and yet I had a blast reading their opening detail shot. We all so got their ..in story name Redhead and Noirette. Winch I do hope come back ever now and again as I like calling them that ever now and again. After a small talk about their all ready troubling traveling . look like we be getting a bit of backstory about Eliza and her friendship with Roya.

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