Woodland Wanderings

‘Woodland Wanderings’

Their old path got so big the first time around, for here on Owl Quill, I thought I’d give them all the space in the world. Enjoy, Eliza and Beth. You’ll need it.

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6 Comments on “Woodland Wanderings

  1. Love how you did the two vines at the bottom of the ring so it look like they are being hold up alone with the icon in the middle. The drawing is really cute as it look like Eliza really is enjoying her self as they are walking(looking at the plant and animals) why Beth is trying to really get some where(we should turn her). Having Summer in the background is a nice touch at show they have just walk into the woods.

  2. Quite successful for characters you never intended to get this big eh?

  3. I’m doing a quick little personal independent questionnaire, separate from the Owl Quill management. Basically I’m just going ask everyone who comments here on Owl Quill two little questions: What is your favorite Beth transformation, and what is your favorite Eliza transformation? You don’t need to give a reason why you like a certain one, but I’m sure everyone would be interested in hearing it, so long as it you don’t give us TOO MUCH information.😅

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