Woodland Wanderings – Page 2

The two become lost in the woods.

The two become lost in the woods… for a week.

‘Redhead Navigator’

Hmmm… I hope Eliza knows what she’s doing- oh who am I kidding? You all already saw the options…

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3 Comments on “Woodland Wanderings – Page 2

  1. I laugh a lot at the “Basket case” part as yeah that does sound right about Eliza. So why I never really care for it all that much, it was still fun to read and see Beth knowing her friend so well. Ok I been going on long enough but two more thing. I like how Beth have to do ever thing with the camping and Eliza can only set back and say she …more or lest pay Beth back when her money have some use. Winch going by the paths make me wonder how will those thing change.

  2. Wow I vote 1 cause having them lost for a more than three days is just mean.

  3. 3…..do votes still count, or have they never counted? Either way, best to get the worst done first.

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