Woodland Wanderings – Page 28

Eliza ends up spending the whole day with her mother, following her around everywhere!

Eliza decides to give the kingdom a little look around while she let her mother attend to other business.

Kingdom of Green and Gold

Eliza really seems to have harbored some deep seeded regret over never getting to know her mother. Here’s hoping she doesn’t lose herself to this reality.

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One Comment on “Woodland Wanderings – Page 28

  1. Really do love how this place look. The gold and greens really does mix so well together. I all so love how her mother talk about the going on as well. Who ever made this dream world really went full out. I can easy see why Eliza be in tears. This is likely her dream world down to ever detail. That said all ready I can see Beth going to have a real hard time getting her to leave unless some thing come up.

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