Woodland Wanderings – Hammering Out the Details

Gazel introduces the two to Marina.

The camp grows curious about the new arrivals and questions swirl.

Hammering Out the Details

Given even dwarves need to travel around, I’m not surprised how well their ‘wagons’ fit them.

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3 Comments on “Woodland Wanderings – Hammering Out the Details

  1. Gazel got it right about their luck. All around a nice page to see how the four get a long.No idea let if I have the two stick with them or have them hang out with Marina again. Some thing to think on. Not surpise that Eliza keep the boots even if they where to big.

  2. anyone else having their “likes” not stick around?
    The like button acts like I never clicked it if I leave the page or even just refresh. :S

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