Woodland Wanderings – Traveling Dwarf Check-In

The two travelers get Eliza and Beth to the dwarf camp before continuing on their way.

Traveling Dwarf Check-In

Well, this is a lucky break for them… though I feel like I recognize these two in particular from somewhere…

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2 Comments on “Woodland Wanderings – Traveling Dwarf Check-In

  1. Hehehe love that you updated Marisa look a bit to match more in line with this two. Love the new hair style, I think I remember showing you a image like that before. All so love that in this version the two are marry as well. That is just great. Speaking of winch I freak LOVE the nick name Honey stone.🥰

  2. (Jaw dropped) Really awesome cameo and and interesting update in their relationship. I vote 2 to continue said cameo.

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