Woodland Wanderings – Crystal Growth Like Weeds

Eliza and Beth try to make their way to that shop Flint mentioned for aid.

The commotion brings neighboring fairy folk to see what’s happened.

Crystal Growth Like Weeds

Oh dear! That’s like an Indiana Jones death run!

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One Comment on “Woodland Wanderings – Crystal Growth Like Weeds

  1. Hehe THAT WAS GREAT! First the image did a really good job of them running out of the mine but all so how hard it will be with their now to big outfits as well. Love how Beth said what ever and throw her boots away. We all so got to see how (likely one of many) way Eliza got that Eliza got that green strike in her hair. All around they look very cute as they do right now but hopfully they can get some new outfits soon.

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