Woodland Wanderings – Waking Up Smaller

Eliza and Beth manage to free Flint from his crystal prison.

Yet the crystal was still growing rapidly. The two choose to abandon the mine less they get trapped too.

Waking Up Smaller

Well, that’s alarming. I’m not sure it be wise to stay longer, little gals.

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2 Comments on “Woodland Wanderings – Waking Up Smaller

  1. YYYYEEEESSSS!!!(happy dance)
    I was so hoping for this and it was answer! First I love how they dream it, with Eliza in the dream being the one from the comic. Two how they wake up was great. More how Eliza just said yup knowing what happen with out even opening her eyes. They all so look cute with their dress to big for them…in some spot that is. I like how they become even more dwarf looking at the end.Beth look really cute with the nose and longer hair.

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