Woodland Wanderings – Mining Out a Dwarf

The group of specialists arrive to lend some aid.

The mana stones begin reacting again, leading the three to abandon Flint’s home.

Mining Out a Dwarf

Well, they got Flint out. But that still leaves their own dwarf forms and the mana stones.

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One Comment on “Woodland Wanderings – Mining Out a Dwarf

  1. Nice to see the path where they got Flint out of the stones. 1 do to I do like him and will not mind seeing more of him and 2 just to see the two as dwarfs some more. All so I like how we did get the changes like Eliza getting some green in it. We all so got a bit of info on how dwarf may have start. No I dont think Eliza and Beth will throw it out as this two are not really the best people to base any thing off of. Their luck throw ever thing out the window I feel.

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