Unicorn/Mechanic – A Warm Place to Dry Off

After changing up, Oly asks Marisa more about the mainland.

As Marisa is changing, Oly’s brother returns home early, leading to an awkward walk in…

A Warm Place to Dry Off

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Trying something a little different with this joint path. Let me know what you think!

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One Comment on “Unicorn/Mechanic – A Warm Place to Dry Off

  1. Hehe Nice to see this line being pick up again. You have said you wish it had and it would be fun to see how the little sister get along as well. I did get a giggle at Oly think Marisa is close to her age why in truth Marisa can be her grandma.
    All so I like that you cut the icon in half like you did.

    Along with the two number at the bottom of the page.

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