Woodland Wanderings – A Tailor and Fixer Upper

Gazel returns with the one the two believed to be Marina.

Gazel returns, looking concerned.

A Tailor and Fixer Upper

Nice new looks. Better than wandering around in oversized outfits.

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One Comment on “Woodland Wanderings – A Tailor and Fixer Upper

  1. OOOHH!! Ok so many thing to love. First I do like that this Marisa is the Marisa that was turn into a dwarf, just a few years after . That make this good and help the two just a bit. Second thing is I love how the girls came out in the new outfits. I remember this outfit from the old path and they look just as good as before. All so they do a great job showing off their curve’s. Like to think Beth dress dont add any thing and that really is all her hip and butt doing. All so I like that Eliza keep her hair free.

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