Lore – Chpt 13 Page 42

Rage Against the Ink

Oh my. I think Isaiah hit a nerve with that one.

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  1. So we learn two thing this page.
    1. A little more about Paige backstory or should I say the Order it self? I do like how Isaiah try digging for that little nugget of truth. No better way to get into some one head then see how they act when you bad month some thing.
    2.We learn a new tick that Lorecrafter can do. They can shove writing/edyts (not sure what Boundman is now a days) into a weapon to give it a boost of power. Remind me of Shaman king. Really looking forward to when Akain trains as I would love to learn the details behind this and the eyes.

    Oh yeah last thing. we learn that Isaiah has a hiding sword in his walking can. All was like that type of weapon. That or it a gun.

    • I think you’re missing the biggest detail of all: why Paige got upset. Isaiah says that Mordred took out “Mer-,” presumably Merlin. The two at least knew and were in contact with each other as seen in the note Ashley uncovers from Mordred to Merlin in the original Cyber Road main line. Paige knows the name Mordred when Alina tells her Ohm’s message, and here we learn that she also knows Merlin and has a great deal of emotion attached to that name. So now we know that Paige has quite the history with the big players of the Order and those who resist them, and that the respect Mordred once showed for Merlin in his letter has long since passed.

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