Lore – Chpt 13 Page 43


Akina’s waking up – that’s a good start. But what does this ‘Overwrite’ mean?

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  1. Ok so what they did last page with putting the writing/edyt into the weapons where a build up to this or they are moving on to some thing new all together. I have no idea and with so many new thing being use in the last few pages. I’m
    a bit lose. That said it look freaking awesome! I love hw well both image fit there themes. Give me very Bankai(Bleach) or Domain(jujutsu kaisen) vibes and I love the mid page as they look at each . Scream the writing part. Nice name as well.

    All so Akina seem to be waking up. So she going to see some thing mind blowing or nothing at all as the two where fighting in between pages….I think. As I said I’m at a bit lose.

  2. Hopefully Akina can do something to either tip the odds in Paige’s favor or undue some of Isaiah’s meddling

  3. I just realized those are letters embedded in the tree, like throwing knives! Holly forgeworks

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