Lore – Chpt 13 Page 41

Breaking the Boundaries

Paige is not happy. I can’t tell if Isaiah is that confident in his skills or trying to hide his worry.

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  1. Like Isaiah, I have to applaud Paige for her actions and thoughts for this page. Why I agree with much of it . I do have to ask can Boundman even be remove at this point?He just feel so in tie to Marisa at this point even the book will go “Well she need a arch villain any way and this one making for a good tale. He can stay.” Even when Marisa beat up Boundman the last time all she did was seal it. Normal to me that mean the author(…can we call the book a author if it write it self?) what to save plot/character to use at a later date.

    Still that said here hoping Paige can do it as I really do like her mind set right now. All so really likely Isaiah as well this page. First all was like a villain who try to improve after a fight. Make them feel more real and last one note.The way the ink and bounds fly toward the icon is really cool as well. Then the clap. It is smarmy but god that was so fitting from what we now of him.

  2. Well I have to agree with Boar, the Boundman seems tied to the story and Marisa at this point as her main villain. The Boundman’s story isn’t done yet since it was sealed away. The best Paige can do is simply stop Isaiah’s tampering

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