Another Princess Story – The Rain Comes Down

Eliza and Beth are carried down into the town drains and out into the castle’s moat.

Before Eliza and Beth can be swept away, a gentle hand manages to catch their boat.

The Rain Comes Down

Yeah, when the luck flows foul for Eliza, it comes down hard.

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2 Comments on “Another Princess Story – The Rain Comes Down

  1. Oh I’m 100% sure their is a detiy of irony in Lore. We have let to find out who it is yet. That said I do like how you word how a rain drop at that size would be like along with point out that Eliza would be a bit colder why Beth be a bit warmer then to the more meat on her bones. Best part of the page was the bottom though.That be some white water boating right there.All so I find them oddly cute as they scream why holding on to each other.

  2. Never taunt the universe. Something Eliza has yet to learn.

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