Another Princess Story – The (Long) Walk of Shame

Thankfully, everything went smoothly as they managed to make it back to the castle in one piece.

The (Long) Walk of Shame

I can only imagine how much distance shifts when you’re the size of a mouse.

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2 Comments on “Another Princess Story – The (Long) Walk of Shame

  1. Really like how you did the clothing them self part. Last time they just had flaps of cloth covering before getting the doll outfits. Nice touch with how they each have a different style of tieing the cloth around their body.

    All so I love seeing Beth hair lose as I forget how long it is some times. Likely as long as Eliza.

    Story wise I like how you had Eliza hid her earring before leaving as yeah best not to leave those in the open. The best part is how they talk about past tf to make time go faster as they climb the steps. We likely never see all of the tf so hearing some of them is all was fun.

  2. Honestly Eliza and Beth probably should have a betting pool on what crazy stuff happens to them next.

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