Woodland Wanderings – Page 23

Eliza is surprised to see Beth.

Yet this Eliza didn’t seem to recognize Beth beyond reputation.

Going Someplace Familiar

Well, there’s Eliza. But what sort of Eliza is this?

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One Comment on “Woodland Wanderings – Page 23

  1. Nnniiicccceeee. I do love that Eliza is at what is normal Beth home . That make me think all the more that this place is all set up from Beth memory. Another another detail I like is Beth does not ask where Marisa went. Let be real that is the lest weird thing happening to her . Still good reason to make up. That said best part was seeing Eliza as a traven owner She look great! Love the pony tail and her outfit look great on her. Nice body shape for her as well. 😉

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