Trader Lydia #532

Of Pirates and Djinn #6

Hmmm… me thinks there has been some miscommunication going around.

5 Comments on “Trader Lydia #532

  1. Look like Lana is going to win those 5 gold.
    All so I was going to say she look a lot more human then I remember but then I look and for the most part she was a floating gas head as she could not get out of the slot machine Lydia put her in.

  2. Do we really have to take her back? She seems happier as a pirate and that treasure could definitely help pay off her debt…I dunno, I like good endings.

  3. I thought she was there by choice, looks like I was right. Cookie for me (eats homemade chocolate chip cookie).

  4. It seems Sasha is happy where she is. Seems the captain made her a part of the crew instead of using her for wishes

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