Woodland Wanderings – The Trickster’s Grove

The stone in Eliza’s hands crumbled away, its magic returning to the land.

Yeoman knocked on the egg, revealing it hollow as all the magic had already vanished.

The Trickster’s Grove

Well, that’s a surprise. Who would do something like this, I wonder?

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One Comment on “Woodland Wanderings – The Trickster’s Grove

  1. LOL. Ok this is really funny that the egg is back where it started and sort of make scent. Seeing as that was likely for Marisa to find. All so seeing as what in the egg is a time warping snake. This all so work. All around a good page in telling us what going on. That said I feel like this mean Eliza is going to get tf as she have to go in the water this time or path two is pick and that does it.

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