Woodland Wanderings – Asking About the Unicorn

Eliza and Beth lead Yeoman back to the pond, the mage able to tell what was at work in that place.

Eliza and Beth try to lead Yeoman back to the pond but can’t find the path back.

Asking About the Unicorn

Yeah, not a unicorn. But I can understand the mistake.

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One Comment on “Woodland Wanderings – Asking About the Unicorn

  1. I like why shy he did go up and simple ask. You dont normal get some one simple asking for some thing. All so it is cute seeing him stand by Beth to show once again how big she is. All so I would say for once it seem the girls luck are changing as they find the guy that could help Beth turn back to normal. THAT said going to the paths will not be shock if some more magic fun happen.

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