Woodland Wanderings – Lost Time

The three manage to get out of the forest and make it to town.

When the three awake the next morning, they find a large beast looking down upon them.

When the three awake the next morning, they are found by a pair of travelers… travelers who were very familiar…

Lost Time

Poor little ones. Not a great way to end a day.

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2 Comments on “Woodland Wanderings – Lost Time

  1. I so do love how we have two paths where the Trio are little girls but they feel nothing a like. I mean their little thing like Marisa is much younger then the other but all so just the feel to them. This one has a more scary feel to it. Thanks to not knowing the how and why.

    Beside thatI do feel for Marisa as this really does suck for her but all so I like it as it show how fast the two other welcome her. I like how Beth went right to spear making and Eliza help with the outfits.She look cute with her hair up.

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