Unicorn Trail – A Kobold’s Treasures

Marisa notices a few useful items she could buy off the kobolds.

Marisa notices it was mostly junk for a human, though not bad for kobold uses.

As if to answer Ziela’s concern, Marisa notices a rather large and regal book amidst the junk.

A Kobold’s Treasure

Kobolds – seems like at times you need to put a leash on them to keep them from getting into mischief.

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One Comment on “Unicorn Trail – A Kobold’s Treasures

  1. Tebh is here and she is super cute as well! Got to say I did not now what color you would end up pick for her scales . Blue really does fit her. No idea if it would have match her normal outfit color so well. Love how happy she look pulling her sack as well. Was really fun seeing them talk to each other as well.
    One last detail. Even as a koblod , Beth seem very thicc in the hips. 🥰

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