Unicorn Trail – Page 20

Marisa just wants to cut to the chase and know how to get the Boundman to leave her alone.

‘What the Boundman Wants’

Marisa is getting impatient. Mag but hurry with the answers before Marisa lets her old lady show.

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2 Comments on “Unicorn Trail – Page 20

  1. All right this page end up answering a lot. So Mag was ask to join the clan and she been watching Marisa scent she got into the woods as well as it seem them meeting in Delphi has some truth as well. Beside that we all so learn more about Nightfall and their poems. Do what Mag said I guess the pied piper ,the rotten ones and baba yaga are all so one to worry about at some point. Some thing I like about Mag is she one to all was tell other flat out if the person is being a bit slow .

  2. Yeah I vote 1 cause I believe Marisa will be that curious.

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