Unicorn Trail – Page 21

Marisa is given a brief run down of everything that happened the first time.

Mag goes into great detail about past events, starting where the path diverged.

‘The History of What Came Before’

Marisa getting a history lesson of what happened previously.

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3 Comments on “Unicorn Trail – Page 21

  1. Nice page and got to agree with the time travel being a pain for any sane people to keep track off. If that book is about her time travel, no wonder why it is so big, Really you can kill a person with that thing! Beside that got a small laugh at Brunhild staying a bit a part from them as the other two are a bit….hard to hand right now.

  2. Just read the original version of The Unicorn Trail on Deviantart myself, so why not 2. Let’s get Marisa on the same page.

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