Unicorn Trail – Page 19

Mag reveals she’s been keeping an eye on Marisa since they first met.

Mag reveals she is not the Mag Marisa knows.

‘Deep Forest Retreat’

Even for an old forest hag, got to have that winter retreat home.

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2 Comments on “Unicorn Trail – Page 19

  1. Well this is full of details for many thing. First thing first is I love how Mag and Marisa act toward to each. Show that they should get a moving on but still show some of their friend ship as well with how they act or better to say they now how the other will act. Second I like how Mag is smart enough to have to spot to keep her stuff. I guess the first one is the hut we saw Ira at in the wand path. Why this is at the end of the page I do what to say this now. So Mag is a nightfall un. I say this once again for some people Mag is a NIGHTFALL!(point like a mad man to what this people have done) . Beside that that we all so learn some hint to the Eliza and Beth page from yesterday . More or lest what will go on if the stream lead deeper into the woods. All so calling that Eliza ate that mushroom to become a pig.

  2. Okay this is too much for me to take in especially the choices. This is the first time I vote for all three of them.

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