Unicorn Trail – Page 16

Eliza goes through the portal with Marisa to help her escape.

Everyone gets pinned down, leaving a gremlin to help Marisa escape.

‘Bound Fury’

The Boundman is not playing around this time. Fly, you fools!

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2 Comments on “Unicorn Trail – Page 16

  1. Well dame. Let star off with the fun stuff. I like how Brunhild could speak pig. Winch make scent but still the image of her grunting and oinking at Eliza is just to fun.As Blue pointed out it seem they have a that sound a lot like the wandering symbol. Winch make scent what you what to show that off maybe? Now to the sad part of the worrying one. Beth seem lose once again from the other. Hopeful she does not end as another puppet but will not be shock if she did as she does seem tie to him in many ways. Another thing is Beth worry that Boundman remember from the last loop. Winch should not be shocking BUT I feel their is more to that. So worry I am. The drawing are great looking. Really do love Beth with that weapon pick.

  2. No Beth! We were hoping you would survive. Also Boundman seems to remember the previous loop? (Cusses for a minute ) Okay with that out of my system I vote one and two. I really hope not three.

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