Unicorn Trail – Page 15

A building is hurled into the air and lands on the circle.

‘Ask Questions Later’

Yeah, if I was seeing what looked like a natural disaster coming my way, I’d probably focus on getting away too.

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2 Comments on “Unicorn Trail – Page 15

  1. Aye. Look like no gremlin where turn to dolls this time. I like how Marisa what answer but as soon as she so the binding throwing around house she was “I’m good’. Another part I like is even as a boar Eliza is still casting spell. Normal being turn into a animal stop mages from casting thing. So that was nice. Lest thing I wish to say is the marking on Brunhild arm. Before it was the princess crown now it the same mark that dwarf Beth have on her arm in the comic.

  2. Oh boy one a few pages I’m scared of picking an option. Keep up the good work.

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