Unicorn Trail – Page 14

Marisa wants more of an explanation than that.

‘A Piggy Meeting’

Eliza certainly looks different. Seems like she got the short end of stick when it comes to the forms between her and Beth.

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2 Comments on “Unicorn Trail – Page 14

  1. Big laugh from me do to Brunhild calling Eliza her monster as said person is a huge freaking boar at the time. That had to be fun time learning or what ever type of master she is to Brunhild. She does make a fun one that for sure. SHE JUST SO CUTE! I all so got a laugh at Marisa speaking as she was out of breath. Most do to the stamina part. All so look like Brunhild is here as well. See as they said young teen, I will guess this is the Brunhild that she did meat the first time around and not her older version yet.

  2. I say get out then explanation later so I vote 2.

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