Unicorn Trail – Page 13

The ladies make it to an airship and take off.

The ladies make it to the docks and head for open water.

‘Escaping the Binding’

A few familiar queues but things are certainly shifting.

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2 Comments on “Unicorn Trail – Page 13

  1. A lot of little part that I giggle at . One was the “What in the muse…” as I do love when people use common saying but change it a bit to fit better in their story. In this case muse instead of god. Next was Boundman calling Beth ” Desert rat” winch I got a laugh at as that a fun name even if he using it more as salg. Make even better with Beth just giving him that smirk in answer. So rest of the page, I keep trying to guess how much Beth knows “lore “wise .The use of ending and Marisa getting a headache at this time make me think they learn the deeper meaning of their word or it can just be more time traveling. No matter what looking forward to how this play out as the last time it did not end well for a gremlin along side Marisa.

  2. Wait is that Beth? Okay so many questions but first they need to escape some I vote 1 and 3.

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