Unicorn Trail – Page 12

The small group is surrounded by bound zombies.

‘Something Unexplained’

Wait, this didn’t happen the first time. Did someone change my script!?

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3 Comments on “Unicorn Trail – Page 12

  1. Ok so this is not the real path but is ~ Marisa is saved from her attacker by an unexpected helper. ~. . or was as it in the detail style and up to now that have been a clear sign for being true. As for Beth. That a nice new look she got going on. Really like the outfit and the nose ring along with what look like a belly ring.. The weapons are really good as well and I think a dual welding style work for her well along with them being blunt weapons. The big thing that I catch though is beside the ears she all so have a little tail stub from the look of it.

  2. Okay this is different. I think? My head hurts right now and is that Beth??? Did she go through a species change? That’s it I vote one.

  3. “Bound by fate” you say, boundman? Ironic, then, that the moment you say that something intervenes and knocks this story off the pre-set course.

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