Unicorn Trail – Page 17

The bindings strike the two, sending them off course.

‘Got to Go Back to the Past’

Time to go!

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2 Comments on “Unicorn Trail – Page 17

  1. Yeah running away from a horde of zombies is all was a pain but doing it with no shoes is likely more so. Hopeful she get shoes soon or her feet get tougher. That said great work on the drawing it self. Best for me of course was pig Eliza fighting. The image of her throwing tree with her tusk was a great one and then the charge was icing on the cake as hopeful it buy enough time for Marisa and Brunhild to get a way. Another good part was Boundman using his ring like buzz saws. I all was did like how he use those thing as it give him a cool fighting style see as his arm are bound to his chest as well.

  2. Wow so if memory serves last time around the binding only knock Brunhild off course. Soooooooo I vote one even though I want to vote 2.

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