Unicorn Trail – Third Wheel Matchmaking

Rugana’s plan only seemed to be making the two frustrated with her…

‘Third Wheel Matchmaking’

Rugana is evidently somewhat of a nosy type. But if it gets the two dwarves together, who am I to argue?

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3 Comments on “Unicorn Trail – Third Wheel Matchmaking

  1. Ohhh dear lord she is a matchmaker and oddly I approve this. So I vote 1!

  2. LOL!! if I did not now better I feel Rugana have a bit of the same energy as the pairing lorecrafter but in a much better way. Though I was giggling to hard at how far she went a head in her day dream .Still very cute and funny scene from her.She all so give out a bit of Eliza feel. For the other two dwarfs. Well I can see why she getting such thought. They are being cute together. All was love when guy have to think a bit before they say a women look good. First thought are likely never a good idea for such thing.

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