Unicorn Trail – The Dwarf Method of Matchmaking

Gazel said he’s heading east, towards the Great Divide and beyond.

Gazel said he’s heading north, towards the great mountains at the top of the world.

Gazel said he’d be fine going where ever Marisa wanted to.

‘The Dwarf Method of Matchmaking

Well all else fails, food and drink will create a good time for a dwarf!

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4 Comments on “Unicorn Trail – The Dwarf Method of Matchmaking

  1. LOL!! Got to love how the normal spots did not work but throw them in a pub and they got all lose up and had a good old time with each other. Nothing get people together then good drink and food. Why sad to see Rugana go so soon , her job here is done. Best part was Marisa asking if she can tag along after her third steak no lest ! She may be smaller now but her stomach is not!

  2. Well that is one way to get them to fall in love. Also it is another one where I can’t decide which choice is good.

  3. Ooooo! The Great Divide!! THE GREAT DIVIDE!!

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