Unicorn Trail – Adventurous Fashion

The two pay and thank Rugana before leaving.

‘Adventurous Fashion’

She looks like she’s ready to go exploring.

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2 Comments on “Unicorn Trail – Adventurous Fashion

  1. New outfit time! All I got to say is this. Oh baby you look find shortstuff! Joking a side she does look great in it. The body suit look good on her and I freaking love that hair style. Really work for the dwarf style. Gazel being nice and not looking tell the end was good and show in my eyes that he may be a good Hubby if the hint lead any where. Rugana was fun all around with her comments and that look at the end was great. Just say “Another job well done by the great Rugana.”

  2. Wow Marisa really works it as a Dwarf. As much as it is good to form a trio of dwarfs, I’m going to pick 1 cause it makes the most sense.

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