Unicorn Trail – A New Perspective

The two travel to town but luckily come upon a traveling tailor along the way.

Marisa brings the doohickey with them, wanting to see if anyone knew what it was.

‘A New Perspective’

Marisa is lucky with Gazel being a gentleman. Not sure anyone else would be taking this so casually given the circumstances.

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2 Comments on “Unicorn Trail – A New Perspective

  1. Main I was freaking out when I saw this as I was playing a game and was thinking if I should just throw it or not. As for the page . SO CUTE!!! If both where not so old I will say they where just a couple of young teens with the way they where acting. Gazel calling Marisa a curvy dwarf was my fav part as you can tell he was look for the right words and not the one that where going though his head. All so do love how Marisa her self is taking it.

  2. Oh boy poor Marisa. At least Gazel is a gentledwarf so their is that. I vote 2 cause of priorities for the two.

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