Unicorn Trail – A Short Trip to Vales

The tailor is able to make something that was suitable for Marisa.

Unfortunately the shop was closed – Marisa was stuck with the bed-sheet dress till morning.

‘A Short Trip to Vales’

Well, they made good time. Now let’s hope the tailor has something Marisa can wear.

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2 Comments on “Unicorn Trail – A Short Trip to Vales

  1. Ok I really like that we now the thing is at the hut as normal such thing just go away once they are done but my fav part was Gazel call her fetching and Marisa answering the way she did. That was all to sweet as well funny. All so it seem Marisa many need to get some glasses along with a new outfit.

  2. They are so cute given how you written them. I can’t stand to see Marisa suffer any longer so I vote 2.

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