Mechanics of War – Page 21

Skully discusses everything she grabbed.

‘Brewing Doubt’

Least Skully unintentionally snapped Marcus out of his thoughts… for the moment, at least.

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3 Comments on “Mechanics of War – Page 21

  1. I can’t choose! One sounds like something Skully would do. Two is a really good question.

  2. It seems a bit of cheat sometimes that options seen in chapters hardly ever come up again in future official ones down the line. I mean, in this case option #2 seems like it would normally come up again in conversations to help establish the setting, so IDK if I should vote for one thinking the story behind two would come up again down the line later. But I can’t help but think it’s too important to be used as an inciting incident of a secondary path, so in the end I’ll have to vote #2.

    P.S. When do you think the right time to update the characters page would be? It seems like every one of these laboratories has introduced at least one new official player to their respective ensembles, (if you count ALICE as having a birthday, anyway) and it would be nice to know there may be more dates for double-posting of chapters in these different Lore Stories lines.

    • And as soon as I finish writing that last part of my comment, I find out that the Characters page has been updated to include both Eliza and Beth. Don’t I feel the fool.

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