Unicorn Trail – Waterfall of New Beginnings

A baby human is born.

A baby kobold is hatched.

A baby unicorn is born.

‘Waterfall of New Beginnings

Down, down we go, as the waves of reincarnation wash over Marisa. What life will she have next?

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2 Comments on “Unicorn Trail – Waterfall of New Beginnings

  1. Really nice job in how you painted the way reincarnating. I like how each water fall take a little more of her old self away tell she was the most basic of her self. Before I go on I do what to say I laugh at her question why their was even waterfalls in the after life. Winch was her main color. Though do to her remembering her name I feel some thing went on that should have not or maybe it do to her being a main character. Sort of like no matter what Roya is all was Roya.

  2. Wow this is a descriptive way of going through a reincarnation process. So I vote 1 and 3 cause they are the most likely candidates as option 2 seems highly unlikely cause I don’t recall her ever interacting with any kobold.

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