Unicorn Trail – A Newborn Kobold

Tikku grows up into a strong, brave kobold warrior.

‘A Newborn Kobold’

Dawww, isn’t she cute! Wait… wasn’t there someone else we were following…

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3 Comments on “Unicorn Trail – A Newborn Kobold

  1. Aww is right. So Mari…er I mean Tikku is born into the world a new. I do like like how Fang was able to fit in her ice theme by making her scales pale as well as the cold. Can see them coming into play later on. Another nice thing with this page is Ikla again. That really fun in my book seeing as she all ready had tie with her before hand. She all so look great with the bit more of a outfit going on. So a big thanks to Nemo for getting this.

  2. Bye bye Marisa, hello Tikku. I vote 2 cause I kind of expect at least one of Marisa’s traits to carry over.

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