Unicorn Trail – Life is a River

After much wriggling, Marisa manages to pull herself ashore.

Marisa’s wriggling caught somethings attention as she’s fished onto shore.

‘Life is a River’

Life is a river – it has where the river begins but also has an end. Where that river is taking Marisa, though, is the question.

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2 Comments on “Unicorn Trail – Life is a River

  1. Sweet. I will not lie. One reason I did this was to find out how death work in Lore. I like how it open with Marisa dieing and then you name the new big thing people think of death. Rest of the page was great as much like Marisa I was not thinking river with death. I like how you use cooking oil to say how felt around her. The image is all so really pretty to boot. Now to go and think on the paths and what they could mean.

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