Unicorn Trail – Soul Ashore

Marisa takes a bit of a quiet moment to take stock of her surroundings.

Marisa doesn’t get much time to relax as something fierce appears to approach her fast.

‘Soul Ashore’

No matter the age, Marisa is determined. Now, will she wish she stayed in the water, I wonder…

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2 Comments on “Unicorn Trail – Soul Ashore

  1. Wow she made it! I vote 1 because I want to see more of what this place looks like.

  2. Nice we get to see more of the afterlife. I like the hint you put here and there that it is the book. The icon in the sky and how Marisa said they look like ink. The flame on her chest is a great way to all so show that she is die in a way as well. All so good to see she a bit younger as well. Still old mind you but younger none the lest,

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