Lore – Chapter 14 Page 23

Parasite Pages

Isaiah is a prime example of a workaholic. He needs a vacation.

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  1. Wow he really is a workaholic.Not even done with what he has and all ready thinking of adding more to his work load. All so that Seeker(i’m guess that what is) Look sweeet.I would say it look like a Drider but that eye make me think it has two faces or one where the spider body is and none where the human head is. I wonder who this volunteers are as well.

  2. So, its possible that the Book of Lore is devouring other books from the library to fill out locations and backstory. Or at least that is the insinuation. I suppose getting rid of a literary parasite would be important. Though how they’re doing it is not kosher on any level.

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