Lore – Chapter 14 Page 24

In Secret, The Pages Turn

Quinten has a friend… have we seen her before?

5 Comments on “Lore – Chapter 14 Page 24

  1. Hehe I like the peace sign he give as he walk away.
    Beside that the big thing about this page is the REALLY nice shot of the library we got!Love the design of the window . Not surprise they have a window like that look at some of the other windows you have done in the past. I remember some of the icons but one is new to me. After that I like how he was just walk leaveing a pool of ink behind him for As….I mean Igraine to show up.

  2. Igraine? Isn’t she an Ashley that turned into a cosmic entity and outgrew the book?

    • Probably one of these explanations:
      1.one of the versions Modred asked him to make after making the Ashley one
      2.she’s starting to become more than an Ashley and her own person this new name
      3.it’s the fake name given to her so the Lorecrafters don’t catch on that it’s an Ashley

    • I think it’s supposed to be an allias so that the lorecrafters don’t figure out her identity.

    • That is correct. An alias is on-brand, though, given how there seems to be an Arthurian bent to the Order.

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