Lore – Chapter 14 Page 22

Ink and History

Quinten seems a lot more likable than Isaiah. Isaiah is too grumpy… and murderous, what with Marisa and all…

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  1. Ok that middle panel where Isaiah is place the ink into the ring answer a few thing for me. Like where Lorecrafter keep all that ink. Thanks to Akina we now one cant suck up to much or trouble.

    All so of course he will ask the guy that now more about Starrweald then any one else with out knowing it. I wonder how much he will tell are true and how much will be lie.

  2. So Quinten is the Guild’s lore-keeper, which is funny since they’re all Lorecrafters. Still if Isaiah is interested in it, than it can’t be good. Especially since Starrweald is Quinten’s baby. Since it looks like Akina is being yanked into it, I wonder if the two will meet.

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