Lore – Chapter 14 Page 21

Bald Anger

Seeing the inner workings of the Order in motion.

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  1. …yeeaaahhhh. Say the scars dont scary you as you pull falling hair from your head. Got to give him that. He very good at deny some thing.

    All so look who show up. The lordcrafter for starrweald…did we get a name for him or even a letter let? Out of all the lordcrafter that show up in path he by far the most. They where just in the old style and you did not use name all that much.

    Last bit. Not shock that Isaiah need more ink see how the Bound maiden fight went and it will not shock me if he just throw away the ink Akina had taking.

  2. Well we got a name, Quinten. Seems to be pretty high up in the hierarchy to have such knowledge. Ah, a face teaser.

  3. Right just want to make a list of known Lore Crafters in the Order of the First Page. This is how I see the group organized. Also I forgot that some lorecrafters have already been named. So I’m using this to create a cast page of sorts until an official one comes out.
    Headmaster: Mordred
    Professor: Isaiah
    Quinten, Yvette, Vivian (name mentioned, don’t know form to match to name)
    Tobias, (Blue cloak with purple lining), (baish cloak with black lining [Mr. Cartoon]), Dokihime (Pink with purple lining), Graves (Black with Red lining)
    Llyod, Adel, Zara

    As it stands this is what I managed to gather. I think Vivian is the one in the Blue Cloak with purple lining, but can’t be sure.

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