Lore – Chapter 14 Page 20

Beware of Costly Mistake

Hmmm… ego much there, Isaiah? The fact Mordred seems the sane one after the devil eyes he had some chapters back is jarring to me…

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  1. We finally get to see what the boss man arm really look like and DDDAAMMMEEE that is a lot worst then I thought it would be.The ink spot could be bad enough I feel but it look like some thing took two big bite from his arm as well.

    Beside that, all I got to say is. (pull Isaiah close) .”This is what we call foreshadowing. So cant wait to see what type of BEAST (this is use in the good way ) you make Marisa into.”

  2. Yeah, Isaiah is going to get himself killed. His workaholic tendencies and the belief that he does not make mistakes shows his weaknesses. He believes everything he does is perfect and he over loads himself. Isaiah will eventually go past his limits and watch everything he built fall apart in his lapse of judgment. I am a firm believer that Akina will be the one to team up with Marisa to take down Isaiah and the Bondman. To me it feels like she fits into the dynamic of Eliza, Beth and Marisa.

  3. Mordred might be a “road to hell is paved with good intentions” type, but Isaiah really considers himself to have more power over the story itself
    He’s so obsessed with what’s effectively petty revenge over his creation becoming fated to be beaten by Marisa that he’s willing to destory a entire chapter of the book, without caring about the consequences

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